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Are you looking for an all-in-one Chrome extension that can create images for you summarize your texts and documents, and let you chat with the websites if you want to know what is written on the page or summarize it? Look no further. You can do it all with the all-in-one Merlin Ai Chrome Extension that supports and is powered by all big Giants in the AI industry like GPT 4, Claude, Claude 100k, Llama 2, and OpenAI Key.

advance ai chrome extension that sum ups all the ai tools at one place

What is Merlin AI Chrome Extension?

Merlin AI is all in one Chrome Extension that is integrated with free advanced AI Models like Chatgpt-4, llama2, and Claude ai. It enhances the user experience and saves time in exploring the internet by allowing users to use the Artificial Intelligence chatbot within their browsers. You can chat with Merlin Ai and ask it to do anything for you like summarizing documents, webpages and you can also generate images using its new beta feature.

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Features of Merlin AI Chrome Extension

Where You can use Merlin AI Chatgpt Chrome Extension

You can use Merlin ai extension for the following: 

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How to Use Merlin AI Extension on Browser

advance ai chrome extension that sum ups all the ai tools at one place

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Hear from our happy customers

Merlin ChatGPT is my go-to for getting lightning-fast and spot-on answers. It’s like having a smart sidekick in customer support – no more waiting around for help, just quick and reliable responses. Love it!

Anna Franklin

Insurance manager

merlin’s intuitive interface and seamless integration have significantly increased my productivity. I can now do my task with much greater ease.

Malik Ranker

Marketing manager

Frequently asked questions

What is Merlin Ai?

Merlin Ai is a powerful extension for your browsers that lets you chat using advanced and free AI Models.

Is Merlin AI free?

Merlin basic plan is free which allows your 49 queries per day.

Do we need chatgpt to use Merlin Chrome extension AI?

No, you don’t need Chatgpt account or API to use the Merlin AI Chrome extension.